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Garment Decoration

Why choose embroidery?


Embroidered garments are essentially walking adverts. It’s a cost effective way to get your name out there. If all your team are wearing the same embroidered polo, it sends the message to potential customers/clients that you’re all in it together and it gives a more professional look.


A well embroidered logo will give off a good impression, and well embroidered logo’s are where we excel! The threads we use give off a nice sheen which is eye catching and looks premium and professional.


Embroidered designs are hard wearing. Embroidery is designed to withstand heavy laundering, even on high temperatures, meaning the colours won’t run or fade. Generally, embroidery will outlast the garment itself.


Embroidery isn’t just suited to a polo or T-Shirt, many items can be embroidered. This means that your walking advertising options are varied.

Why choose Vinyl?


It’s a quick process, making it a great technique for personalising the same garment several times with different designs. Football t-shirts are a great example of this when different names and numbers will be on each garment.


Vinyl comes in several options like glitter, glow in the dark or flock. There’s an endless amount of options when it comes to colours and effects and the bonus is that fluorescent tones are possible with vinyl transfers, which isn’t always the case with other printing options.


If you have a simple design, other print set ups are not always cost effective or justifiable, Vinyl is ideal for this as the set up is minimal.